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In a single tumultuous year, workers at the University of London have faced up to their bosses with militant, independently organised and victorious resistance.

The University has seen mass pickets by cleaners, caterers, students and other insubordinates, arm in arm before…

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An even more useful Marx Bibliography ›

PolyluxMarx - A Capital Workbook in Slides ›


A Useful Table of Contents for Marx

Roberto Marchionatti, Karl Marx: Critical Responses, Routledge, 1998. 1,464 p. 4 vols.

VOLUME I: Debate on the First Volume of Das Kapital,
1. Preface to the First Edition of Das Kapital, Volume I, Karl Marx [trans. B. Fowkes]
2. Review to the First Edition of Marx, Das Kapital, Volume I, E.K. Dühring [in German]
3. Letter to Engels, 8 January 1868, on Dühring’s Review, Karl Marx [trans. A. Drummond]
4. Gestaltungen in Deutschland, E.K. Dühring [in German]
5. Les Théoriciens du Socialisme en Allemagne: Système de K. Marx, M. Block [in French]
6. Postface to the Second Edition of Das Kapital, Volume I, K. Marx
7. Knies on Marx, C. Knies [in German]
8. Preface to the Third Edition of Das Kapital, Volume I, F. Engels
9. Karl Marx, R. Ely
10. Karl Marx, J. Rae
11. La Théorie de la Plus-value de Karl Marx et la Critique de M. Paul Leroy-Beaulieu,
P. Lafargue [in French]
12. Le Capital de Karl Marx, à Propos d’une Anticritique, M.Block [in French]
13. La Théorie de la Valeur de Karl Marx, A. Loria [in French]
14. Le Capital de Karl Marx et la Critique de M. Block, P. Lafargue [in French]
15. Le Capital de Karl Marx: Dernières Observations, M. Block [in French]
16. La Théorie de la Valeur, à propos de la Critique de Karl Marx, H. Dabos [in French]
17. The Exploitation Theory of Marx, E. Böhm-Bawerk [trans. W. Smart]
18. Das Kapital: A Criticism, P.H. Wicksteed
19. The Jevonian Criticism of Marx: A Comment on Wicksteed’s Criticism of Das Kapital, G.B. Shaw
20. The Jevonian Criticism of Marx: A Rejoinder to Shaw, P.H. Wicksteed
21. Preface to the English Edition (1886) of Das Kapital, Volume I, F. Engels
22. Review to the English Edition of Das Kapital, Volume I, Anonymous [W. Smart]
23. The Economic Basis of Socialism: Marx’s Theory of Surplus Value, G. Gunton
24. Preface to the Fourth Edition of Das Kapital, Volume I, F. Engels
25. The New Socialism and its Argument, W. Graham
26. The Theories of Value of the Harmony Economists and the Socialists, K. Wicksell [trans. S.H. Frowein]
27. Introduction a K. Marx, Le Capital. Extrait fait par M.P. Lafargue, V. Pareto [in French]
28. Socialism and Labour: Supplementary Note; Socialism and Capital: Supplementary Note, R. Flint

VOLUME II: The Second Volume of Das Kapital and the Debate on the Third Volume
Part One: Conjectures on the Close of Marx’s System,
29. Preface to Das Kapital, Volume II, F. Engels [trans. D. Fernbach]
30. Die Marx’sche Kapitaltheorie, W. Lexis [in German]
31. Kritik der Marx’schen Werttheorie, P. Fireman [in German]
32. The Rate of Profits under the Law of Labor-value, I. A. Hourwich
Part Two: The Debate on the Third Volume of Das Kapital
33. Preface to Das Kapital, Volume III, F. Engels [trans. D. Fernbach]
34. Zur Kritik des ökonomischen Systems von Karl Marx, W. Sombart [in Germany]
35. Review to the Third Volume of Das Kapital, Anonymous [T. Veblen]
36. Review of the Third Volume of Das Kapital, F. Butlin
37. The Concluding Volume of Marx’s Capital, W. Lexis
38. Der dritte Band des Kapital, C. Schmidt [in German]
39. Letter to C. Schmidt, 12 March 1895, on the Rate of Profit, F. Engels [trans. A. Drummond]
40. Supplement and Addendum to Volume III of Capital, F. Engels [trans. B. Fowkes]
41. Karl Marx und die Durchschnittsprofitrate, W. Muhlpfort [in German]
42. Karl Marx and the Close of his System, E. Böhm-Bawerk [trans. A.M. MacDonald]
43. Review to Böhm-Bawerk (1896), F. Butlin
44. Review to Böhm-Bawerk (1896), J.B. Clark
45. Étude Critique sur le Troisième Volume du Capital de Karl Marx, L. Winiarski [in French]
46. Sur la Théorie Marxiste de la Valeur, G. Sorel [in French]

VOLUME III: Critical Appraisals of Marx’s Work
47. Historical Materialism and the Economics of Karl Marx: Extracts from Chapters, B. Croce
48. The Marxian Doctrine as Interpreted by his Successors: Sombart, Schmidt and
Bernstein, E. Bohm-Bawerk [trans. G.D. Hunke, H.F. Sennholz]
49. Les Systèmes Scientifiques: L’Economie Marxiste, V. Pareto [in French]
50. Böhm-Bawerk’s Criticism of Marx, R. Hilferding [trans. E. Paul, C. Paul]
51. Theoretische Grundlagen des Marxismus, Parts II and III, M. Tugan-Baranowsky [in German]
52. Wertrechnung und Preisrechnung im Marxschen System, L. v. Bortkiewicz [in German]
53. Value and Price in the Marxian System, L. v. Bortkiewicz [trans. J. Kahane]
54. On the Correction of Marx’s Fundamental Theoretical Construction in the Third Volume of Capital, L. v. Bortkiewicz [trans. P. M. Sweezy]
55. The Socialist Economics of Karl Marx and his Followers: I. The Theories of Karl Marx, T. Veblen
56. The Socialist Economics of Karl Marx and his Followers: II. The Later Marxism, T. Veblen
57. Boudin on Marx in the International Socialist Review, May 1905 to June 1906, B. Boudin
58. Das System des Marxismus: Darstellung und Kritik, Chapters VIII-IX, G. v. Charasoff [in German]

VOLUME IV: Critical Appraisals of Marx’s Work, 1899-1914.
59. Socialism: A Critical Analysis, Chapters V-VII, D. Skelton
60. Marxism versus Socialism, V.G. Simkhovitch
61. Marx’s Economic Determinism in the Light of Modern Psychology, C.A. Ellwood
62. Socialism in the Light of Social Science, A.W. Small
63. Karl Marx and Labor Legislation, W.E. Rappard
64. ‘Marx, Heinrich Karl’ (1818-1883), J.K. Ingram
65. Le Marxisme, C. Gide et C. Rist [in French]
66. ‘Das Kapital’, J. Spargo 
67. Epochen der Dogmen- und Methodengeschichte, Chapter III, pt. 10, J.A. Schumpeter [in German]

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Brixton Fairies - South London Gay Liberation Front members, who squatted the first Gay Community centre in London along with many houses on Railton Road in 1970s. The film is intended to highlight the indebtedness of the LGBTQ movement to squatting and direct action. (by TahaFHassan)

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New Left Review - Thomas Piketty: Dynamics of Inequality ›

The political system was formally democratic, but it didn’t really respond to the high and rising level of wealth concentration. The reduction of inequality during the 20th century was largely the product of violent political upheavals, and not so much of peaceful electoral democracy.

5-0 grind with a #budweiser at #brixton #skatepark #skateboardingisthenewgoingtothegym

rock and roll with a beer #nomakeupselfie


to avoid paying a construction fee, jack mubiru, a father of the skateboarding scene in uganda, fabricated a story about building a private enclosure for a pet crocodile. most local officials and neighborhood residents had never heard of skateboarding. yet six years later, the sport has spread from the skate park to the streets, attracting children as young as five and adult women.  

photographer yann gross always takes his deck with him on his journeys. during one trip to eastern africa, yann encountered a group of skaters in kitintale, a suburb of kampala, who had built the first and only half pipe in uganda. he ended up spending several months with the skaters, becoming a full member of the group, documenting a unique skate culture that, given the area’s contingencies, has styles and tricks all its own. 

text adapted from joel vacheron and julie bosman   

Ugandan skateboarders thrash the absolute hardest

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Amazon Turk and Inevitable Capitalism ›


Amazon’s most amoral move yet is just around the corner.

Amazon has been a household name for years and has long been a huge corporation, but in the last 12 months it has become synonymous with global capitalism in new ways. Criticisms of its tax ‘scandal’ are partly responsible, though these…

7 thoughts buzzing around my head about arts and humanities research at 6am this morning ›


1) It is striking how deep the will goes to fulfil idiotic demands from the state. I know of no single department in the UK that refuses to submit Research Exercise responses. In almost every department these exercises are a major consideration in hiring staff too. In every department there are…

Graffiti in the Brixton village toilets has become much more politicised since the recent escalation of policing operations